File Streams

Until now, most of the examples in this book have used the streams and System.out. These are convenient for examples, but in real life, you'll more commonly attach streams to data sources like files and network connections. The and classes, which are concrete subclasses of and, provide methods for reading and writing data in files. What they don't provide is file management, like finding out whether a file is readable or writable or moving a file from one directory to another. For that, you may want to flip forward to Chapter 17, which talks about the File class itself and the way Java works with files.

Basic I/O

Introducing I/O

Output Streams

Input Streams

Data Sources

File Streams

Network Streams

Filter Streams

Filter Streams

Print Streams

Data Streams

Streams in Memory

Compressing Streams

JAR Archives

Cryptographic Streams

Object Serialization

New I/O



Nonblocking I/O

The File System

Working with Files

File Dialogs and Choosers


Character Sets and Unicode

Readers and Writers

Formatted I/O with java.text


The Java Communications API


The J2ME Generic Connection Framework


Character Sets

Java I/O
Java I/O
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