Performing Mass Document Operations

GroupWise document management services let you perform operations on many documents at once by using the Mass Document Operations option. With this option, you can perform these operations on several documents at once:

  • Change document properties

  • Move

  • Delete

  • Change sharing

  • Copy


A system administrator can grant a GroupWise user "manage" rights. If you have received manage rights to a library, you have additional capabilities available to you when performing mass document operations. For information on the actions you can perform with the manage rights, refer to the GroupWise Help feature.

For example, if you need to move or copy a large number of documents from one GroupWise library to another, you should use the Mass Document Operations option.

To use the Mass Document Operations option, follow these steps:


(Optional) In your GroupWise mailbox, highlight the documents on which you want to perform the operation.


Choose Tools, Mass Document Operations. The dialog box in Figure 9.14 appears.

Figure 9.14. Use the Mass Document Operations dialog box to manipulate many library documents at once.


Select the desired operation: Change Properties, Move, Delete, Change Sharing, or Copy.


Choose your selection method.


Click Next.

Follow the prompts to perform the operation. (The prompts will vary depending on the type of operation you are performing.)

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