Echoing Documents to Your Remote Mailbox

If you use the remote features of GroupWise (discussed in the next chapter), you can "echo" documents from your default library to a library created in your remote mailbox, which is located on your hard drive.

This feature lets you work on documents that are stored in the library locally while you are not connected to your master GroupWise mailbox. This feature maintains two copies of your documents: one in the library and one in your GroupWise remote mailbox stored on your local hard drive.

When you reconnect, you can then update the documents you have modified.

Here's how to enable document echoing:


While in online mode, choose Tools, Options.


Double-click the Documents icon.


Select the General tab.


Choose the Echo Documents to GroupWise Remote option.


Click OK.

Documents will be echoed to your remote mailbox any time you close or check in a document in your master mailbox. A document reference is created for the echoed document in your remote mailbox.


You cannot set your mailbox to echo documents while you are in remote or cache modes. You must be in online mode to enable document echoing.

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