Using the Find Results Folders with Document Management

The GroupWise Find Results Folder feature is very powerful when combined with the GroupWise document management capabilities. You can create folders that allow you to display only documents that have specific properties.

A common use of these folders is to display the document references of all the documents you have stored in the library or to create folders that contain the document references of specific document types, such as contracts.

To create a Find Results folder that displays all your documents, follow these steps:


Right-click your Cabinet or a folder and select New Folder.


Select the Find Results Folder type.


Select the Custom Find Results Folder option and click Next.


Give the folder a name (such as My Documents).


(Optional) Give the folder a description.


Click Next.


In the Create Find Results Folder dialog box, select only Document as the item type.


Enter your name in the From/Author field.


In the right pane, specify which libraries should be searched. If you leave your home selected, you will most likely see duplicate references in the folder because any document references in your mailbox will also be displayed.


Set any other options you desire, such as a date range.


Click Next.


(Optional) Change the View By, Sort By, and Sort Order settings so the items are displayed according to your personal preference.


(Optional) Select your desired item source.


Select only Document as the item type. By default, all options are checked, so you should deselect all the other item types.


(Optional) Edit the columns that should display when the folder is accessed.


Click Finish.

This folder will now display all the library documents you have authored.


Find Results folders have an icon showing a folder with a magnifying class on them to distinguish them from normal folders. When you click on a Find Results folder, it dynamically performs a find using the specified criteria and displays the results. Consequently, any new items matching the criteria specified in the folder properties will be displayed.

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