Creating an Invoice

The invoice is the basic form you use to charge your customers for goods and services. Invoices include detailed lists of all items that you charge to a customer. There are several types of invoice forms available in QuickBooks. Choose the form that best suits the type of business you do. You can use the invoice form as a document that you give or send to your customers, or you can use the form purely for internal purposes, to record sales that occur in your company.

Select Create Invoices from the Customers menu.


You can also click the Invoices icon on the Home page, or press Ctrl+I to start a new invoice.

Select a customer and, if applicable, a job from the Customer:Job drop-down list.

Verify that the date is correct, making any necessary changes.

Click the Template drop-down menu if you want to choose a different style of invoice.

Enter the terms that apply to this customer.

Enter each of the items that this customer is purchasing, along with quantities and rates (the rates might appear automatically, depending on how the items are entered in your records). The Amount column is automatically calculated.

Check To Be Printed or To Be E-mailed. Otherwise, the invoice will be added to the queue to print later.

Select a save option.

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