Types of Invoices

If you used the EasyStep Interview to set up your company, you were asked whether you wanted to use one of four types of invoice forms: professional, service, product, or custom. Choosing an invoice style in the interview doesn't prevent you from using one of the other styles. The style you choose in the interview is the one that appears by default when you begin creating an invoice. To use one of the other styles, open an invoice form, click the down arrow in the Form Template field at the top of the invoice form, and select another form.

Depending on the version of QuickBooks you use, there is a variety of standard invoice forms from which you can choose. The following four types of invoices are available in all versions of QuickBooks:

  • Professional invoice Includes the following fields: Terms, Item, Description, Quantity, Rate, and Amount

  • Service invoice Includes the following fields: P.O. Number, Terms, Item, Quantity, Description, Rate, and Amount

  • Product invoice Includes the following fields: Ship To, P.O. Number, Terms, Rep, Ship, Via, FOB, Quantity, Item Code, Description, Price Each, and Amount

  • Custom invoice Can be customized to include any of the fields from other invoice styles and any other fields that are useful to you

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