Previewing Invoices

The onscreen preview feature is useful because it allows you to familiarize yourself with what information prints on the invoice, where it prints, and what information is just for display onscreen.

Prepare an invoice.

Click the arrow next to the Print button on the invoice form toolbar.

Select Preview.

Did You Know?

Program advertisements appear from time to time. When you make certain selections in QuickBooks, you might notice extra windows appearing, offering more information about special features such as how to print labels or how to order preprinted supplies. When these windows appear, you can check a box in the window to keep the window from appearing again in the future, or you can simply click OK to close the window.

Examine the preview screen.

Click Close to close the preview and return to the invoice screen.

See Also

See "Prepare an Invoice for Selected Items" in Chapter 8, "Job Cost Estimating and Tracking," and "Charging Expenses to a Customer" later in this chapter for additional examples of information that does not appear on invoices.

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