Principle 6: The Yardstick: One Day s Pay for a Week s Worth of Fun

Principle 6: The Yardstick: One Day’s Pay for a Week’s Worth of Fun

If a customer pays $50 (plus tax) for a game that I’ve worked on, that amounts to the average person’s one-day net pay. (A person earning $21K a year brings home around $14K, which is $54 a day.) If the player reports enjoying the game that I worked on for at least one week, then I am happy. If the player feels ripped off due to poor game design, numerous bugs, obstacles in playing the game (e.g., multi-CD swaps, memorizing numerous keystrokes, and so on), poor audio, or some other problem, then the game designer and any team members who knew of these problems beforehand are to blame.

Every member of the team should be proud of their product. They should consider the praise from consumers, reviewers, and the industry as their reward for the time and work they spent on the game.

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