Principle 7: I Never Met a Genre I Didn t Like

Principle 7: I Never Met a Genre I Didn’t Like

A student who doesn’t enjoy math can study hard and still earn an “A” in class. Similarly, a designer or producer does not have to have experience working on a particular genre. The producer can educate himself to create a good game within that genre. In fact, a designer or producer doesn’t have to even be an enthusiast of that genre in order to get good results. Putting together a team in which at least one member enjoys the genre (or studying competing products of the genre) is the critical part.

Often just one enthusiastic team member can show similar games that he has enjoyed and thereby turn every team member into a knowledgeable player of the genre. Combining fanatical genre loyalists along with non-genre players on the development team can result in benefits you may not have considered. For instance, a non-genre player can suggest modifications to a game’s design by pointing out aspects of the genre he finds unappealing, whereas a fanatic of the genre can lend his expertise and advice to keep a game faithful to the genre.

A knowledgeable developer or producer may ask the entire team to play similar games in that genre and ask each team member to critique the products. This technique can help the development of your product, and it’s time well spent.

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