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about layout tools p. 24

  • While we'll use the Size palette to measure distances and sizes in inches, you can also use two other measurements systems. Click the measurement unit to the right of any Size palette box to change the units to centimeters or pixels.

format fields and labels p. 27

  • The object dimensions, locations, and colors in this chapter aren't sacred; neither are the fonts or font sizes. If you think you can improve this or other layouts, feel free to experiment.

  • Windows users: Setting labels or fields to Arial 12 pt. may increase their height, making them larger than their corresponding field or label. You may have to manually adjust the vertical position of one member of such a pair to make the two text string match up.

add a tab control p. 29

  • To make changes to a tab control's appearance or its tab labels, double-click the tab control to open the Tab Control Setup dialog box.

  • If you prefer a more colorful layout, you can make each tab panel a different color

place fields in the block p. 32

  • You can move a selected object (such as a field, label, or rectangle) one pixel at a time by pressing the appropriate arrow key

place the Savings fields p. 35

  • When placing fields, it's simpler if you stack them in the field list and then drag them as a group onto the tab panel.

  • When you want to edit a text string (a field label, for example), it isn't necessary to first select the Text Tool. Double-clicking a text string with the Selection Tool automatically switches to the Text Tool.

  • You can use the Size palette to simultaneously set the width of multiple selected fields, but only if all selected fields are initially the same width. This also holds true for manually resizing multiple fields by dragging a handle on one of the fields.

  • Rather than manually deleting the label prefixes, you can also use the Edit > Find/Replace > Find/Replace command. Search for the label prefix (Sav_, for example) and replace it with an empty text string.

Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8. Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
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