email address

The Internet address used by an email program to send email to a particular Internet user or service (webmaster@ or help@). The address is made up of a username, an @ sign, and a domain name ( user@domainname ).

FAQ file

Short for Frequently Asked Questions file . A computer document, often made available on the Internet, containing the answers to frequently asked questions about a particular topic or Web site.

folder list

A tree of folders and files displayed in Navigation view to help you see and work with the organization of a FrontPage Web site .


A particular style of text.

font size

The relative size in which text appears onscreen.


A part of a Web page in which users can type entries or make selections that are then collected and processed . Forms require either the FrontPage Extensions or a script on the server.


Multiple panes in a browser window, each of which displays a different Web page file. Web authors design frames pages to enable visitors to use the frames together as a single, multidimensional Web page.

FrontPage 2003

A Web-page authoring and publishing program for Windows (2000 and XP versions) from Microsoft, sold by itself.

FrontPage Extensions

A set of programs that, when installed on a Web server , enable forms and some components in Web pages created in FrontPage 2003 to perform their tasks without the aid of a script .

FrontPage Web site

A group of Web page files designed, edited, and managed in FrontPage to work together.


Short for File Transfer Protocol . The basic method for copying a file from one computer to another through the Internet. Often used for publishing Web page files by uploading them to a server.

Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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