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If you've ever placed any shape that has a stroke into a symbol of any kind and then scaled that symbol by large amounts, you may have noticed some distortion. By default, all your strokes will be one-pixel solid lines. This is great if you have no intention of scaling the shape while in a symbol. It's not so great if you do a lot of scaling and see that the lines are somewhat distorted.

To minimize distortion of outlines, set your stroke to hairline. You can do this when creating the stroke or when using the Ink Bottle Tool, and instead of choosing Solid from the Style drop-down, choose hairline. With this set, you can scale shapes and encounter only minimal distortion, if any, and all your artwork appears a little crisper. Many of you may ask, "Why ever use a one-pixel Solid stroke then?" To tell you the truth, I hardly ever use it. It does appear a bit thicker than hairline, however, so if you want a more noticeable outline, Solid is your man!

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