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Have you ever finished drawing something and just wished you could go back and erase parts of the stroke or fill but not both at the same time? There are many reasons you may need to do this, but whatever yours is, you'll feel good knowing that it's not only possible but also easy.


Activate the Eraser Tool, click the Eraser Mode option (the one on the left), and select Erase Fills. Now try to erase any shape that has a stroke and a fill and you'll see that the only thing missing when you're done is the area of the fill that you erased. The outline is left untouched. The opposite is true if you select Erase Lines as the mode. Here's a question... Why does Flash refer to strokes as "lines," "strokes," and "outlines" throughout the help system and interface? Interesting. You'll find some other modes here as well that you can play with. They're all fairly self-explanatory; I just wanted to point them out.

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