Someone Fill Me Up

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A lot of times I'll use the Pen or Pencil Tool to create some kind of artwork and fill in the colors only after I'm satisfied with my work. This usually means I never fill in the colors. If you work this way or have just an outline and go to fill the shape using the Paint Bucket Tool, only to find that nothing happens, you may be interested in this.



Draw a simple shape (if you don't have one already) with only an outline. Cut a tiny segment out of the outline. Try to fill the shape with the Paint Bucket Tool. Nothing happens, right? Now select the Fill mode option (the button on the left under Options) and choose Close Large Gaps. Try the fill again. Normally a fully-enclosed outline is required for a fill to work, but with this option, you can ignore small gaps in the outline. There's a limit to what Flash will do, but this can be helpful, especially to identify that a tiny gap exists so you can zoom to look for it.

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