Chapter 8. Balancing the Project


  • Have a project in which you have entered tasks, resources, and costs.

  • Understand project management.

You may notice a few problems as you track the progress of your project; no project is perfect. For example, your project might be calculated to finish after your scheduled finish date. In this case, you may need to schedule some overtime work for your resources. Maybe you have some resources that are overallocated. In this case, you may need to assign work to other resources.

Most of the lessons in this chapter deal with adjusting resource work in order to balance a project's tracked progress, because resources are the easiest project element to amend. Oftentimes, problems that seem too large to handle can be easily fixed with a bit of careful resource adjustment or cost balancing. You may have touched on some of these topics in previous lessons, but use this chapter as a guide to balance your progress when problems arise in your project plan.

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