Chapter 13. e-Learning with Flash

In this chapter
Creating a Quiz: Getting Started with Templates
Sending Results with a Form
Saving and Retrieving Local Data

You've learned about basic interactivity and how to create and use button states. You've also seen how to change interface states on the main timeline by simply jumping to another frame or scene. Believe it or not, these basic skills are used in a wide variety of business applications.

Macromedia has researched common uses of Flash and tried to provide ready-made solutions to common requirements. For example, many companies use Flash to present educational material and to inform employees and customers about promotions, procedures, and product information. Flash includes several templates that can be used to quickly create presentations, slide shows, and quizzes, and the functionality of each is built into the template. In this chapter's project, you'll use a template and components to construct a three-question quiz about what you've learned so far.

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