Connecting to Your Mailbox Using Remote Mode

You have three options to connect to your GroupWise mailbox using remote mode:

  • Modem You can use a dial-up connection to the GroupWise Async Gateway, which forwards your incoming and outgoing messages.

  • Network You can use a drive letter and path to your post office on a network, possibly achieved through a dial-in, network-connection software package such as NetWare Connect. This mode is not discussed in this book because it is rarely used any more. It mainly exists because of legacy connection methods that were more commonly used in previous years.

  • TCP/IP You can use the TCP/IP address of the GroupWise Mail server that synchronizes your master mailbox with your remote mailbox.

Traditionally, the most common method of connecting remotely to a GroupWise mailbox has been to use a dial-up connection through a modem. However, with home-based broadband network access becoming more commonplace, TCP/IP connections are becoming increasingly popular because of the increased speed and reliability over traditional dial-up connections.


Before configuring GroupWise in remote mode, you must make sure you are running GroupWise from your local hard drive. In some installations, the GroupWise client might run from a network location. If you are unsure about the location of the GroupWise program, contact your system administrator.

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Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook
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