Chapter10.Remote Access

Chapter 10. Remote Access

With today's mobile workforce, access to email and scheduling information is more critical than ever. If you can access your GroupWise system regardless of where you are, you can communicate with your customers and coworkers as if you were sitting in your office.

One way to access your GroupWise system when you are away from the office is to use the GroupWise client running in remote or cache mode. This chapter addresses how to configure the GroupWise client for remote access. We explain the steps necessary to access information when you're out of the officehow to request your messages and how to connect to the system and download your messages. We also explain the different techniques to use when you are connected to a network and when you are working offline using a remote mailbox.


In addition to the traditional remote mode, GroupWise 7 has a hybrid mode known as cache mode that functions similar to the standard online mode but has some remote mode characteristics. When you use cache mode, you won't notice much difference between the standard online mode and the cache mode, except perhaps a slight delay in sending and receiving messages.

If you run GroupWise in cache mode, check with your GroupWise administrator to see whether your GroupWise system is set up to access your mailbox from outside your corporate network in cache mode. If so, you don't need to make any configuration changes to the GroupWise client. You can simply continue working in cache mode wherever you have a network connectionwhether that be while you are at work, on the road, or at home. All you should need is an Internet connection. Cache mode is discussed under the section titled "Understanding Cache Mode" later in this chapter.

Using GroupWise remote mode is just one way to access your GroupWise information when you aren't directly connected to your corporation's network. Also, if your GroupWise system is configured to allow web browser access to GroupWise, you can use GroupWise WebAccess to access your GroupWise account from anywhere on the Internet. GroupWise WebAccess is explained in the aptly titled Chapter 13, "GroupWise WebAccess."

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