When I open a table's Datasheet view, why does the data appear in a different order from the order in which I entered it?


Access sorts data, in ascending order, according to the table's selected key field. Your Datasheet views always appear in the order sorted by the key field unless you change the sort order by right-clicking the field that you want to sort by and then choosing Sort Ascending or Sort Descending. Access uses the key field to locate records quickly when you search for data.


Why should I use the Form Wizard but not the Table Wizard when I begin learning Access?


You must understand tables, records, and fields before you use the Table Wizard to generate tables because you almost always have to modify the Table Wizard's generated table to suit your exact needs. Therefore, it helps, when starting out, to create tables from scratch and learn how tables work. After you learn how to use the table's Datasheet and Design views, you are better equipped to edit tables generated with the Table Wizard.

The Form Wizard looks at tables that you generated and creates simple data-entry forms with the format and layout that you request. Forms require less editing when you generate them from the Form Wizard than tables do. You will be pleased with the Form Wizard from the moment you create your first form.


Can I edit the AutoNumber field?


If you let Access create and enter your table's key field, you should also let Access maintain the AutoNumber that it enters for you. When you create reports , you can hide the AutoNumber field so that the field does not appear with the data that others see. The AutoNumber field is Access's bookkeeping field when you fail to designate a key. Access keeps the table sorted in the key order, and you should not bother with this field. If you want, rearrange the table to move the AutoNumber field to the far-right side of the Datasheet view. Then, you rarely see the field when you work with the data.

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