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l command, vi 2nd
LANG environment variable
LC_ALL environment variable
LC_COLLATE environment variable
LC_CTYPE environment variable
LC_MESSAGES environment variable
LC_NUMERIC environment variable
Learning the UNIX Operating System (Peek, Todino, Strang)
length operator
less than sign (<)
     <& (input redirection)
     <&- (input redirection)
     << (bit-shift left operator)
     << (here-document) 2nd
     <= (less than or equal to operator)
     <\\> (input/output redirection)
     input redirection
     less than operator
     redirecting input
     string comparison operator
let command 2nd
line continuation character 2nd
LINENO environment variable 2nd 3rd
LINES environment variable 2nd
lists, in for statement
lithist shell option
loadable built-in functions
local command 2nd 3rd
local statement
local variables 2nd 3rd
logging in, files read during
logging out
     CTRL-D for, disabling
     files executed during
logical operators 2nd 3rd 4th
login directory 2nd [See also home directory]
login shell
     bash acting as
     installing bash as 2nd
logout command 2nd 3rd
loop variable
looping construct
     arithmetic for statement 2nd
     for statement
     until statement
     while statement
ls by dates example
ls command 2nd
     -a option 2nd
     -F option
     -l option
     -R option
ls example

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Learning the bash Shell
Learning the bash Shell: Unix Shell Programming (In a Nutshell (OReilly))
ISBN: 0596009658
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Year: 2005
Pages: 139

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