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MACHTYPE environment variable
macros, readline editing interface
     notification if already read
     shell variables for
MAIL environment variable 2nd 3rd
mail example
mail header lines, deleting, example
MAIL shell variable
MAILCHECK environment variable 2nd
MAILPATH environment variable 2nd
mailwarn shell option
make command
make install script
make script
make tests command
make utility example
MANIFEST file, bash archive
mark-directories variable, readline
mark-modified-lines variable, readline
memory, size limitations
menus, select statement for
meta-flag variable, readline
metacharacters, processing on command line
MKS Toolkit (Mortice Kern Systems)
more command 2nd
MS-DOS, GNU tools for
multibyte character support
multiple copies example
multitasking, user-controlled

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Learning the bash Shell
Learning the bash Shell: Unix Shell Programming (In a Nutshell (OReilly))
ISBN: 0596009658
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 139

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