Platform-Specific Features

  • Interfacing with Native APIs
  • Using ActiveX
  • Session Management

In this chapter, we will look at some of the platform-specific options available to Qt programmers. We begin by looking at how to access native APIs such as the Win32 API on Windows, Core Graphics on Mac OS X, and Xlib on X11. We then move on to explore Qt's ActiveQt extension, showing how to use ActiveX controls within Qt/Windows applications and how to create applications that act as ActiveX servers. And in the last section, we explain how to make Qt applications cooperate with the session manager under X11.

In addition to the features presented here, the Enterprise Edition of Qt includes the Qt/Motif extension to ease the migration of Motif and Xt applications to Qt. A similar extension for Tcl/Tk applications is provided by froglogic, and a Microsoft Windows resource converter is available from Klarälvdalens Datakonsult. And for embedded development, Trolltech provides the Qtopia application framework. See the following web pages for details:


Part I: Basic Qt

Getting Started

Creating Dialogs

Creating Main Windows

Implementing Application Functionality

Creating Custom Widgets

Part II: Intermediate Qt

Layout Management

Event Processing

2D and 3D Graphics

Drag and Drop


Container Classes





Providing Online Help


Platform-Specific Features

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
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