Appendix A. Installing Qt

  • A Note on Licensing
  • Installing Qt/Windows
  • Installing Qt/Mac
  • Installing Qt/X11

This appendix explains how to install Qt from the CD onto your system. The CD has editions of Qt 3.2.1 for Windows, Mac OS X, and X11 (for Linux and most versions of Unix). They all include SQLite, a public domain in-process database, together with an experimental driver. The editions of Qt on the CD are provided for your convenience. For serious software development, it is best to download the latest version of Qt from or to buy a commercial version.

Trolltech also provides Qt/Embedded for building applications for Linuxbased embedded devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. If you are interested in creating embedded applications, you can obtain Qt/Embedded from Trolltech's download web page.

The example applications used in the book are on the CD in the examples directory. In addition, Qt provides many small example applications located in the examples, toolsdesignerexamples, and extensionsactiveqtexamples subdirectories.

Part I: Basic Qt

Getting Started

Creating Dialogs

Creating Main Windows

Implementing Application Functionality

Creating Custom Widgets

Part II: Intermediate Qt

Layout Management

Event Processing

2D and 3D Graphics

Drag and Drop


Container Classes





Providing Online Help


Platform-Specific Features

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
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