A Note on Licensing

Qt is produced in three forms: free, non-commercial, and commercial. The free and non-commercial editions are available free of charge; the commercial editions must be paid for.

The software on the CD is suitable for creating applications for your own educational and personal use.

If you want to distribute the applications that you create with a free or non-commercial edition of Qt, you must comply with the specific terms and conditions laid down in the licenses for the software you use to create the applications. For free editions, the terms and conditions include the requirement to use an open licensefor example, the GNU General Public License (GPL). Open licenses like the GPL give the applications' users certain rights, including the right to view and modify the source and to distribute the applications (on the same terms).The non-commercial license has similar provisions. If you want to distribute your applications without source code (to keep your code private) or if you want to apply your own commercial license conditions to your applications, you must buy commercial editions of the software you use to create the applications. The commercial editions of the software allow you to sell and distribute your applications on your own terms.

The CD contains a non-commercial version of Qt/Windows, a free edition of Qt/Mac, and a free edition of Qt/X11. It also contains some other non-commercial software, including Borland C++ Builder 5 and a trial version of Borland C++ Builder 6. Each product on the CD has its own specific license conditions; for example, the non-commercial Qt/Windows edition may not be redistributed, and its license isn't compatible with the GPL. The full legal texts of the licenses are included with the packages on the CD, along with information on how to obtain commercial versions.

Part I: Basic Qt

Getting Started

Creating Dialogs

Creating Main Windows

Implementing Application Functionality

Creating Custom Widgets

Part II: Intermediate Qt

Layout Management

Event Processing

2D and 3D Graphics

Drag and Drop


Container Classes





Providing Online Help


Platform-Specific Features

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
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