Drag and Drop

  • Enabling Drag and Drop
  • Supporting Custom Drag Types
  • Advanced Clipboard Handling

Drag and drop is a modern and intuitive way of transferring information within an application or between different applications. It is often provided in addition to clipboard support for moving and copying data.

In this chapter, we will begin by showing how to add drag and drop support to a Qt application. Then we will reuse the drag and drop code to implement clipboard support. This code reuse is possible because both mechanisms rely on QMimeSource, an abstract base class that provides data in different formats.

Part I: Basic Qt

Getting Started

Creating Dialogs

Creating Main Windows

Implementing Application Functionality

Creating Custom Widgets

Part II: Intermediate Qt

Layout Management

Event Processing

2D and 3D Graphics

Drag and Drop


Container Classes





Providing Online Help


Platform-Specific Features

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3
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