Business Unit Responsibilities

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[name of business unit] is responsible for:

  1. Operating within the information technology funding allocations and funding process as defined by the enterprise's governance, planning, and budgeting processes

  2. Working in close collaboration with the designated IT customer relationship executive (CRE) to frame this SLA and to manage within its constraints once approved as part of the budget for the aforementioned fiscal year

  3. Collaborating throughout the life cycle of the project/process to ensure the ongoing clarity and delivery of business value in the outcomes of the IT effort, including direct participation in and ownership of the quality assurance acceptance process

  4. Reviewing, understanding, and contributing to systems documentation, including project plans and training materials, as well as any IT project/service team communications, such as release memos

  5. Throughout the life cycle of the process, evaluating and ultimately authorizing business applications to go into production

  6. Distributing pertinent information to all associates within the business unit who utilize the products and services addressed in this SLA.

  7. Ensuring that business unit hardware and associated operating software meet or exceed the business unit's system-complex minimum hardware and software requirements

  8. Reporting problems using the problem reporting procedure detailed in this SLA, including a clear description of the problem

  9. Providing input on the quality and timeliness of service

  10. Prioritizing work covered under this service agreement and providing any ongoing prioritization needed as additional business requirements arise

  11. Employing enterprise information technology standards and architectures whenever possible and recognizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) implications of failing to observe these standards

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