Service Level Overview

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This SLA addresses all the business-as-usual services provided to [name of business unit] by Information Services, encompassing the following elements:

  • Identifies information systems covered by the agreement

  • Establishes the level of service for system maintenance and support, including escalation procedures

  • Provides criteria for measuring service level performance

  • Identifies the process for communicating service level performance

Business Application Systems or IT Services Subsumed within this SLA

System or Service Type

IT Division Provider(s)

IT Division Service Provider(s)

  • [e.g., Computer Help Line]

    Availability: [e.g., Monday – Thursday: 7–7; Friday: 7-6; Saturday: 9-4]

  • (e.g., ITCS Call Center)

  • [e.g., Lori Karas, Robert Rose]


  • This agreement excludes work defined as new development or project work in excess of $10,000 in cost. These latter efforts will be addressed through the IT synchronization and project management processes, conducted in close coordination with the enterprise's overall planning and prioritization processes (both long-term unit plans and annual business plans). These processes are documented elsewhere. Contact the project management office for details.

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