The View Menu




Displays the Toolbars submenu.

-Mail Toolbar

Toggles the Mail toolbar with icons.

-Search Bar

Toggles the View and Quickview Search bars.

-Status Bar

Toggles the Status bar located at the bottom of the screen. The status bar displays unread/read mail count and the offline icon.


Lets you customize the mail toolbar by dragging and dropping icons.


Displays the layout submenu.

-Classic View

Selects classic view, which is the folder pane rendered in full on the left side of the screen, message pane and below.

-Wide View

Selects wide view, which increases the message pane to the full width of the screen.


Selects a vertical three-pane view, folder pane, thread pane, and message pane.

Message Pane

Toggles to open or close the message pane.

Sort By

Displays a submenu that allows you to display the categories that you can sort by, including Date, Flag, Order Received, Priority, Sender, Recipient, Size, Status, Subject, Read, Label, Junk Status, and Attachments. You can also sort by Ascending, Descending, Threaded, Unthreaded, and Grouped by Sort.


Displays a submenu that allows you to show message categories and labels, including All, Unread, Important, Work, Personal, To Do, Later, People I Know, Recent Mail, Last 5 Days, Not Junk, Has Attachments, and a Customize feature to create your own message categories and labels.


Displays a submenu that allows you to show thread information, including All, Unread, Threads with Unread, Watch Threads with Unread, Allows you to toggle Ignored Threads, and Allows you to Expand and collapse all threads.


Displays a submenu that allows you to select All or Normal headers.

Message Body As

Displays a submenu which allows you to display the message body in Plain HTML, Simple HTML, or Plain Text.

Display Attachments Inline

Toggles between showing attachments inline or as attachments.

Text Size

Displays the text size submenu.

-Increase Text Size

Increases the size of the text in the mail pane.

-Decrease Text Size

Decreases the size of the text in the mail pane.


Resets the text display size to the default.

Character Encoding

Displays the character encoding submenu.


Lets you select a character set to auto-detect from a list of character sets.

-More Encodings

Lets you select a character set to auto-detect from several different classes of character sets.

-Customize List

Displays the Customize Character Encoding so you can select and activate specific character sets.

Message Source

Displays the source HTML and JavaScript code for the current document.

Message Security Info

Displays information related to whether the message included a digital signature and whether it was encrypted.

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