The Edit Menu



Undo Delete Message

Undoes the last action where a message has been deleted.


Redoes whatever you just undid with the Undo command.


Cuts the selected text and/or graphics from a document or form and stores it in the clipboard. You cannot cut text and graphics from a web page; you must use the Copy command to get the information to the clipboard.


Copies the selected text and/or graphics to the clipboard. You can copy anything you can select (although you may not be able to paste it into something that will be able to interpret it correctly).

Delete Message

Deletes the selected message.


Displays the Select submenu, which allows you to select all messages or a particular thread.


Displays the Find submenu, which lets you find in this message, find again, find previous, search messages, and perform an advanced Address Book search.

Folder Properties

Displays general information for the selected folder and allows you to select a folder for offline use and manage sharing and quotas.

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    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
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