The File Menu




Displays the New submenu, which allows you to open a new message, folder, saved search, account, or address book card.

Open Saved Message

Launches a screen that allows you to select the location of a previously saved message.


Displays the Attachments submenu, which allows you to open, save as, or save all attachments.


Closes the current window.

Save As

Saves the current message as a file or template.

Get New Messages for

Displays the Get Messages submenu, which allows you to retrieve new messages for particular accounts or get all your new messages.

Send Unsent Messages

Sends unsent messages that you have saved while working offline. This menu item is enabled when you are working offline.


Allows you to show or hide IMAP folders that might not otherwise be shown.

Rename Folder

Renames the selected folder.

Compact Folder

Deletes hidden emails contained in mail folders. Until you compact your folders, these hidden emails remain in the folder, even if you empty the trash.

Empty Trash

Empties the trash.


Displays the Offline submenu, which allows you to work offline, download/sync now, configure your offline settings and disk space, and get flagged and selected messages.

Page Setup

Displays the Page Setup screen, which lets you set page layout, margins, and page headers and footers.

Print Preview

Displays the current page as it will be printed. You can change the way the page will appear in print using the File | Page Setup command.


Displays the standard Print screen, which lets you select the printer to use, the number of copies, the printing range, and options specific to the printer you've selected.


Closes the Thunderbird program.

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