Appendix D. Menu Commands for Mozilla Thunderbird

This appendix lists the menu commands available in Thunderbird. You can access the individual commands using the keyboard by pressing Alt or Option + the shortcut characters for the various commands (shortcut characters are underlined in the command).

Thunderbird has seven standard menus:




Contains basic commands for opening and closing windows, tabs, files, and locations; saving, emailing, and printing pages; importing bookmarks; and exiting Thunderbird.


Contains commands for cutting/copying/pasting/deleting and searching. For non-Windows versions of Thunderbird, this also contains the Preferences command (used instead of the Tools | Options command) for setting Thunderbird preferences and options.


Contains commands for displaying the toolbars, mail and message pane layout, sort order categories, message views, threads, headers, message body format, page style, and the character coding to use.


Contains some basic navigation commands, such as Next and Previous, and lets you go back to the Mail Start page.


Contains commands for address book, extensions, themes, message filters, junk mail controls, importing, account settings, and options.


Contains commands for displaying help and for getting more information about Thunderbird.


Some extensions add to or modify the standard Thunderbird menu commands. In some cases, the extension adds an entire menu of its own. This appendix describes Thunderbird's default menus and commands.

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