Foundations and Principles of Security

This chapter discusses some of the basic principles and theories of security. Some of you are probably very familiar with the methodologies discussed in this chapter and if that is so, let this serve as a quick review. Others may be looking for a complete, holistic approach to understanding risk assessment. If so, this chapter will serve as a good basis. In the end, security is not one item, technology, or tool. It is an ongoing process that includes assessing risk, building good policies, implementing protections for key informational assets, training employees, and designing true defense in depth.

By the time you finish reading this chapter, you will understand these basic components and how they contribute to security. So, let's start our journey by discussing some basic security principles.

Introduction to Assessing Network Vulnerabilities

Foundations and Principles of Security

Why Risk Assessment

Risk-Assessment Methodologies

Scoping the Project

Understanding the Attacker

Performing the Assessment

Tools Used for Assessments and Evaluations

Preparing the Final Report

Post-Assessment Activities

Appendix A. Security Assessment Resources

Appendix B. Security Assessment Forms

Appendix C. Security Assessment Sample Report

Appendix D. Dealing with Consultants and Outside Vendors

Appendix E. SIRT Team Report Format Template

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