Chapter 4. Adding Lists, Tables, and Graphics

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19 Add a Bulleted List

20 Add a Numbered List

21 Create a Table of Contents

22 Create an Index

23 About Writer Tables

24 Create a Table

25 Format a Table

26 Manage a Table

27 Insert Graphics in a Document

28 Draw with Writer

29 Add a Chart or Spreadsheet to a Document

Writer provides the ability to add flair to your documents, such as bulleted lists and numbered lists, tables, charts , and graphics. With today's graphical technology, documents are far from text only, and you can easily add formatted graphic elements to get your point across to your audience.



Writer recognizes most lists in documents that you import from other word processors. For example, if you open a Microsoft Word document with a numbered list, Writer recognizes the list and retains its formatting.

So many of Writer's features, such as bulleted and numbered lists, work automatically. You just begin typing the list and Writer takes care of all the formatting and keeps track of the proper indention for you. When you want to return to regular text once again, Writer can easily return to regular paragraph mode.

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