Practice Exercise

This is a safety article from an insurance company. State a meeting objective and divide the information into three key points. Then add the remaining items.


  • Be alert at stoplights and signs. One thief robs the motorist when he or she gets out to inspect the damage; the other thief steals the car.

  • Don't apply make-up, shave, or read at stoplights. Don't be in a hurry to get to stoplights or signs ”keep you car in motion if possible.

  • Call ahead for safe directions. Lost or confused drivers are vulnerable.

  • Don't drive near the curb in high-crime areas.

  • Keep your doors locked and your windows shut when you drive.

  • Keep your briefcase, purse, and packages under seats, or on the floor out of sight.

  • Check your rearview mirror to make sure you are not followed into your driveway or garage.

If Approached by Strangers

  • When you park in an attended lot, leave only the ignition key.

  • Drive off, if possible.

  • Lean on your horn to attract attention.

  • Leave everything behind if forced from your car.

When Parking Your Car

  • Lock your car when you go into a service station to pay for gas.

  • Park in well-lighted, populated areas.

  • Don't park next to a dumpster or anywhere thieves can hide.

  • When possible, park on the ground level in garages so you avoid elevators and stairwells.

  • Lock your car whenever you park it ”4 out of 5 cars stolen are left unlocked.

  • When returning to your vehicle, have your key ready. If anyone is hanging around your car, go back inside and ask for an escort.


MEETING OBJECTIVE: ( fill in this blank )



Opener: ( How will you get their attention? )


Preview of talk: ( Tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em; the key points )

BODY ( Tell 'em )


Key Point 1 ____________________________________________________________________


Supporting facts/information/types of material:


Transition statement: ( actual words )


Key Point 2 ____________________________________________________________________


Supporting material:


Transition statement:


Key Point 3 ____________________________________________________________________


Supporting material:



Summary: ( Tell 'em what you told 'em; the key points )


To-do statement or request:

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