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U \t, Chapter 1: Designing Applications
UDA (Universal Data Access) \i \rUDA1, Universal Data Access
UDF (user-defined functions), SQL Server, What's New in your Database?, User -Defined Functions (UDFs)
@@ system functions, listing, User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
Access/SQL Server built-in, listing, User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
deterministic/ non-deterministic , User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
multi-line, Multi-Line User-Defined Functions
scalar/in-line, User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
underscores, Parameters or Arguments
Unique property, DAO Index objects, Working with Tables
Unique Records property, queries, Microsoft Outlook
Universal Data Access (UDA) \i \rUDA1, Universal Data Access
Until keyword (see Do loops ) \t, Do...Loop
Updatable property, DAO Recordset objects \rUpdatable1, When a Recordset Can't be Updated
Update method, ADO Recordset objects \rUpdate1, Inserting Records
Update method, ADO Recordset objects \rUpdate2, Try It Out-Updating Records using ADO
Update method, DAO Recordset objects, Editing Records in Recordsets
UpdateBatch method, ADO Recordset objects \i \rUpdateBatch1, Disconnected Recordsets
Upsizing Pro tool, Running the Upsizing Wizard
Upsizing Wizard, running pre-requisites, Running the Upsizing Wizard
Upsizing Wizard, Access, Running the Upsizing Wizard
running, pre-requisites, Running the Upsizing Wizard
SQL Server 2000/Desktop, migrating to, Running the Upsizing Wizard
upsizing database, example, Results of Upsizing the IceCream Database
upsizing database, steps, Running the Upsizing Wizard
URLs \i \rURLs1, The Internet
usability testing \i \rusability1, Testing
user defined errors \i \ruser1, User Defined Errors
user defined types \i \ruser1, User-defined Data Types
user interfaces \i \ruser1, Adding to the User Interface
user requirements analysis \i, The Challenge - Flexibility vs. Manageability
user-defined functions, SQL Server, see UDF\t, User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
users, SQL Server security, Users
creating/adding to database, login example, Try It Out-Create the Whole Works
User32.dll file, Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), Declaring a DLL in Code
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