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V \t, Chapter 1: Designing Applications
validation rules, tables
SQL Server migration, Upsizing Wizard, Running the Upsizing Wizard
Dim statements \rDim1, Declaring Variables, Dynamic Arrays, Creating Automation Objects
Dim statements \rDim2, Variant
global variables \b \rglobal1, Global Variables
lifetime \b, Variable Scope and Lifetime
local variables \b \rlocal1, Variable Scope and Lifetime
local variables \b \rlocal2, Local Variables
object variables \rvariables1, Creating Automation Objects
private variables \b, Global Variables
private variables \b \rprivate2, Private Variables
private variables \b \rprivate3, Public vs. Private
public variables, Variable Scope and Lifetime, Hide Your Data
public variables \b, Global Variables
public variables \b \rpublic2, Public Variables
scope \b \rscope1, Variable Scope and Lifetime
static variables \b \rstatic1, Variable Scope and Lifetime
static variables \b \rstatic2, Static Variables
types \b \rtypes1, Variable Types
variables \i \rvariables1, Variables, Use Variables, Not Properties
Variant type, Variable Types, Use the Right Data Type, Use Integer Arithmetic Where Possible
empty value \b \rempty1, The Empty Value
null value \b \rnull1, The Null Value
Variant type \i \rVariant2, Variant
Variant type \rVariant1, Optional Arguments
VarType function \i \rVarType1, The VarType() Function
VarType function \rVarType1, Determining the Type of a Variant, Try It Out-Implementing the PaymentStats logic
VBA code, Use Me
Versions property, Application object, New Object Properties & Methods
views, SQL Server, What's New in your Database?, Views
advantages, Views
creating, example, Views
disadvantages, Views
updating data using, example, Views
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Beginning Access 2002 VBA
Beginning Access 2002 VBA (Programmer to Programmer)
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