Who Should Read This Book?


Just as Plone is a fully administrable application geared toward "the masses," this book is aimed at users who do not possess an in-depth knowledge of Python programming and Zope/Plone administration. If you have any sort of working knowledge in these areas, all the more power to you, and you can probably skip the appendixes and skim certain portions of other chapters. However, before you begin, you must be familiar with installing software on your operating system of choice, either via the command line or by following wizard-based installers . You must already have, or have access to obtaining, the proper permissions on your operating system for installing server software. Finally, you must be familiar enough with installation processes to understand how to troubleshoot installation and configuration issues as they are explained in the book or as they come up on their own because of the esoteric nature of various operating systems.

By the end of this book, you will thoroughly understand how and when to utilize a content-management system ” specifically , how to install, configure, and maintain a Plone-based web site. Although this is by no means a comprehensive, technically oriented book on the inner workings of Plone and the Zope application server, it serves its intended purpose: to introduce new users to the features of Plone and guide them through the creation and maintenance of their first Plone-based websites .

Plone Content Management Essentials
Plone Content Management Essentials
ISBN: 0672326876
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 107
Authors: Julie Meloni

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