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     My objects not supported by 2nd
CacheDuration property
CacheExpirationPolicy property
caching data retrieved from database
canonicalization errors
CellFormatting event, DataGridView control
ChangePassword control
CheckValidity( ) method, XPathNavigator class
classes [See also objects]
     splitting into multiple files
Clear( ) method, Console class
ClickOnce deployment technology
code snippets
     inserting in code
code, timing
code-behind model
code-beside model
colon (:), time separator, in mask
ColumnMappings property, SqlBulkCopy class
ComboBox control, AutoComplete support for
comma (,), thousands placeholder, in mask
command-line parameters, supplying for application
comments, XML
compilation, ASP.NET
compression of data streams
     information about 2nd
     listing drives on
conditional statements, short-circuit logic for
configuration [See also app.config file; web.config file]
     modifying settings
     of web application, setting programmatically
     of web application, setting with WAT
     retrieving settings for
     serializable data types for
     strongly typed settings
connected mode
ConnectionTime statistic
console application
Console class
ConsoleKeyInfo object
constraints, with generics
contact information
content pages
ContentPlaceHolder control
ContextMenu control
ContextMenuStrip control 2nd
Continue statement
Control class, double-buffering
control theming
     adding to DataGridView control
     adding to ToolStrip
     data source controls
     editing properties in place
     editing tab order for
     masked editing controls
     modifying from background thread
conventions used in this book
CopyDirectory( ) method, FileSystem object
CopyFile( ) method, FileSystem object
Create( ) method, WebRequest class
CreateCommand( ) method
CreateCommandBuilder( ) method
CreateConnection( ) method
CreateDataAdapter( ) method
CreateNavigator( ) method, XPathDocument class 2nd
CreateParameter( ) method
CreateRole( ) method, Roles class
CreateUser( ) method, Membership class
CreateUserWizard control 2nd
cursor in console window
     determining position of
     setting position of
     setting visibility of
CursorLeft property, Console class
CursorTop property, Console class
CursorVisible property, Console class
custom classes, binding to
custom objects, operators for

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Visual Basic 2005: A Developers Notebook
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Year: 2006
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