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Data Protection API (DPAPI)
data provider
data source controls
     SiteMapDataSource control
     using custom class with
data streams, compressing and decompressing
data types
     strongly typed configuration settings
     strongly typed resources
     type casting
     typesafe generic classes
     batch execution of commands
     binding to, with custom class
     binding to, with data source controls
     bulk copying of rows between tables
     caching retrieved data
     centralizing access logic for
     displaying interactive tables from
     displaying records individually from
     for profile provider
     membership data in
     updating with ObjectDataSource control
database connections
     automatically disposing of
     statistics about
database provider factory
database-agnostic code
DataGridView control
     adding controls to
     adding images to
DataGridViewButtonColumn class
DataGridViewCell objects
DataGridViewCellStyle class
DataGridViewColumn objects
DataGridViewRow objects
DataProtectionScope enumeration
DataTips feature, debugger
DateTime class
DbProviderFactories class
debugging [See also errors; logging]
     DataTips feature
     edit-and-continue feature
     Exception Assistant for
     looking inside an object during
decompression of data streams
default instances 2nd
default.aspx file
default.aspx.vb file
DefaultTraceListener class
DeflateStream class
delegates, generics and
Delete link, GridView control
DeleteCookie( ) method, Roles class
DeleteCurrent( ) method, XPathNavigator class
DeleteDirectory( ) method, FileSystem object
DeleteFile( ) method, FileSystem object
DeleteRole( ) method, Roles class
DeleteUser( ) method, Membership class
denial-of-service attack, pinging and
deploying applications 2nd
desktop, retrieving path for
DestinationTableName property, SqlBulkCopy class
DetailsView control
     synchronizing with GridView control
diagnostic information, recording
     determining existence of
     getting information about
     searching for
     sending to recycle bin
DirectoryExists( ) method, FileSystem object
DirectoryInfo object
DirectX 9.0 libraries
disconnected mode
discussion groups
Dns class
Do loops, skipping to next iteration of
Dock property, SplitContainer control
documentation, XML
DocumentCompleted event, WebBrowser control
documents, XML [See XML documents]
dollar sign ($), currency symbol, in mask
DOM (document object model), XML
DoubleBuffered property, Control class
DownloadFile( ) method, Network object
DoWork event, BackgroundWorker component
DPAPI (Data Protection API)
drawing code, reducing flicker of
DriveInfo class
drives, getting list of

Visual Basic 2005(c) A Developer's Notebook
Visual Basic 2005: A Developers Notebook
ISBN: 0596007264
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 123

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