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BackColor property, DataGridViewCellStyle class
background color of console 2nd
background thread, modifying forms or controls in
BackgroundColor property, Console class
BackgroundWorker component
backslash (\\\\), escapes masked character
batch execution of database commands
BatchSize property, SqlBulkCopy class
BCP command-line utitlity
Beep sound, playing
Beep( ) method, Console class
BeepOnError property, MaskedTextBox control
     to a custom class
     with data source controls
blue underlines, indicating error found by AutoCorrect
boilerplate code [See code snippets]
     Essential ClickOnce
     Internet Core Protocols (Hall)
     Programming Visual Basic .NET (Liberty)
     The Book of VB .NET (Macdonald)
     XML in a Nutshell (Harold; Means)
braces ({}) enclosing constraints
browser, adding to application
buffer for console
     setting size of
BulkCopyTimeout property, SqlBulkCopy class
buttons, adding to ToolStrip
BytesReceived statistic

Visual Basic 2005(c) A Developer's Notebook
Visual Basic 2005: A Developers Notebook
ISBN: 0596007264
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 123

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