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access levels
AddUserToRole( ) method, Roles class
Alignment property, DataGridViewCellStyle class
AllowUserToAddRows property, DataGridView control
AllowUserToDeleteRows property, DataGridView control
ampersand (&), required character, in mask
AndAlso operator
animations, GDI+, increasing redraw speed for
anonymous identification
apostrophes, three ('''), XML comments starting with
app.config file
     adding trace listeners to
     for database-agnostic code
APPDATA environment variable
AppendChild( ) method, XPathEditor class
application [See also console application; web application; Windows application]
     automatic updates for 2nd
     command-line parameters for
     configuration information about
     data for, retrieving path for
     information about 2nd
     online-only mode for 2nd
     setup program for
Application class
application-scoped settings
ApplicationExit event, Application class
ArrayList class
     administering web applications
     anonymous identification
     binding to data with custom class
     binding to data with data source controls
     compilation and deployment options
     control theming
     creating web applications
     DetailsView control
     edit-and-continue debugging not supported with 2nd
     GridView control
     master pages
     membership features
     profile settings
     role-management service
     security controls
     site maps
     TreeView control 2nd
AspNetDB.mdb file
assembly metadata, setting
assembly references, displaying in Solution Explorer
AssemblyInfo.vb file
asterisk (*), select any node, XPath
Asterisk sound, playing
asynchronous tasks
     system sounds, playing
     WAV audio, playing
authorization, role-based
AutoComplete text boxes
AutoCompleteMode property, AutoComplete control
AutoCompleteSource property, AutoComplete control
AutoCorrect, IntelliSense
AutoResizeColumns( ) method, DataGridView control
AutoResizeRows( ) method, DataGridView control

Visual Basic 2005(c) A Developer's Notebook
Visual Basic 2005: A Developers Notebook
ISBN: 0596007264
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 123

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