Setting Up MIDI

It is strongly recommended that you use Reason with at least one MIDI keyboard to enjoy its full potential. A MIDI interface with two or more ports is ideal, since you can use both a keyboard to play notes and a control surface for knobs, faders, and buttons.

Before connecting a keyboard, make sure that any MIDI interface you are using is installed with the correct drivers and connected properly.

To connect a keyboard

  • Connect the USB cable from your keyboard to your computer (the simpler of the two methods).


  • Connect your keyboard's MIDI out cable to a MIDI in port on your MIDI interface.

    You should also connect the keyboard's MIDI in cable to the interface's MIDI out port.


  • If you want to use multiple keyboards or control surfaces, you should use separate MIDI ports. If you have USB-compatible keyboards or surfaces, connect them directly to your computer's USB ports (see "Setting Up Control Surfaces" later in this chapter).

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