Chapter 11. Surfing the Net (Just Browsing?)

When it comes to Web browsers on the desktop, Linux users are faced with an embarrassment of riches. The classic favorite, Netscape Navigator, is still here and mirrors its Windows counterpart. The same can be said for Mozilla (, Netscape's powerful cousin. For those who may not be aware of the history (or the connection), in 1998, Netscape released its source code under an open source license, and eager developers accepted the challenge. Mozilla was born. A few short years later, things are very different. The current incarnation of Netscape is based on Mozilla and not the other way around. Chances are that Mozilla is part of your distribution and is most likely installed by default.

I should tell you that I do tend to move back and forth between browsers. In fact, I tend to be a two-browser guy, flipping back and forth between Mozilla and KDE's own browser, Konqueror. Besides being a great browser, Konqueror is also a powerful file manager (as you discovered earlier in the book). If you are running KDE, you won't need to download Konqueror. It's part of the whole KDE environment.

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