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handbook of video databases: design and applications
Handbook of Video Databases: Design and Applications
by Borko Furht and Oge Marques (eds) ISBN:084937006X
Auerbach Publications 2004 (1232 pages)

This book provides the tools to help overcome the problems of storage, cataloging, and retrieval, by exploring content standardization and other content classification and analysis methods.

Table of Contents
Handbook of Video Databases—Design and Applications
Section I - Introduction
Chapter 1- Introduction to Video Databases
Section II - Video Modeling and Representation
Chapter 2- Modeling Video using Input/Output Markov Models with Application to Multi-Modal Event Detection
Chapter 3- Statistical Models of Video Structure and Semantics
Chapter 4- Flavor: A Language for Media Representation
Chapter 5- Integrating Domain Knowledge and Visual Evidence to Support Highlight Detection in Sports Videos
Chapter 6- A Generic Event Model and Sports Video Processing for Summarization and Model-Based Search
Section III - Video Segmentation and Summarization
Chapter 7- Temporal Segmentation of Video Data
Chapter 8- A Temporal Multi-Resolution Approach to Video Shot Segmentation
Chapter 9- Video Summaries Through Multimodal Analysis
Chapter 10- Audio and Visual Content Summarization of a Video Program
Chapter 11- Adaptive Video Summarization
Chapter 12- Adaptive Video Segmentation and Summarization
Chapter 13- Augmented Imagery for Digital Video Applications
Chapter 14- Video Indexing and Summarization Service for Mobile Users
Chapter 15- Video Shot Detection using Color Anglogram and Latent Semantic Indexing: From Contents to Semantics
Section IV - Designing and Interacting with Video Databases
Chapter 16- Tools and Technologies for Providing Interactive Video Database Applications
Chapter 17- Animation Databases
Chapter 18- Video Intelligent Exploration
Chapter 19- A Video Database Algebra
Section V - Audio and Video Indexing and Retrieval
Chapter 20- Audio Indexing and Retrieval
Chapter 21- Relevance Feedback in Multimedia Databases
Chapter 22- Organizational Principles of Video Data
Chapter 23- Segmentation and Classification of Moving Video Objects
Chapter 24- A Web-Based Video Retrieval System: Architecture, Semantic Extraction, and Experimental Development
Chapter 25- From Low Level Features to High Level Semantics
Chapter 26- Video Indexing and Retrieval using MPEG-7
Chapter 27- Indexing Video Archives: Analyzing, Organizing, and Searching Video Information
Chapter 28- Efficient Video Similarity Measurement using Video Signatures
Chapter 29- Similarity Search in Multimedia Databases
Chapter 30- Small Sample Learning Issues for Interactive Video Retrieval
Section VI - Video Communications
Chapter 31- Cost Effective and Scalable Video Streaming Techniques
Chapter 32- Design and Development of a Scalable End-to-End Streaming Architecture
Chapter 33- Streaming Multimedia Presentations in Distributed Database Environments
Chapter 34- Video Streaming: Concepts, Algorithms, and Systems
Chapter 35- Continuous Display of Video Objects using Heterogeneous Disk Subsystems
Chapter 36- Technologies and Standards for Universal Multimedia Access
Chapter 37- Server-Based Service Aggregation Schemes for Interactive Video-on-Demand
Chapter 38- Challenges in Distributed Video Management and Delivery
Chapter 39- Video Compression: State of the Art and New Trends
Section VII - Video Processing
Chapter 40- Compressed-Domain Video Processing
Chapter 41- Objective Video Quality Assessment
Chapter 42- Video Watermarking Overview and Challenges
Section VIII - Case Studies and Applications
Chapter 43- Creating Personalized Video Presentations using Multimodal Processing
Chapter 44- Segmenting Stories in News Video
Chapter 45- The Video Scout System: Content-Based Analysis and Retrieval for Personal Video Recorders
Section IX - Panel of Experts: The Future of Video Databases
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Handbook of Video Databases. Design and Applications
Handbook of Video Databases: Design and Applications (Internet and Communications)
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