Chapter 5: Setting Up a Workbook


In this chapter you will learn to:

  • Make workbooks easier to work with.

  • Make data easier to read.

  • Add a graphic to a document.

One of the real strengths of Microsoft Excel is that the program helps you manage large quantities of data with ease. Part of the reason managing large data collections is so easy with Excel is that you can change how Excel displays your data within a worksheet. If you want more space between the rows or columns of a worksheet, want to temporarily limit which data is shown on the screen, or even just want to add descriptions that make it easier for you and your colleagues to understand the data that s stored in a worksheet, you can do so quickly. You can also change how those descriptions appear in a cell , setting them apart from the data in the worksheet.

Another way you can customize your worksheets is to add graphics, such as your company s logo or the image of a product, to a worksheet. Adding graphics to worksheets promotes awareness of your company, identifies the data as belonging to your company, and, in the case of a product image, gives viewers valuable information they need to make a purchase decision.

In this chapter, you ll learn how to make workbooks easier to work with, make data easier to read, and add a graphic to a document.

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Do you need only a quick refresher on the topics in this chapter? See the quickreference entries on page xxxiii.


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