Chapter Nine Review

Lesson Summary

Saving a Baseline Plan

To Save a Baseline Plan: Select Tools Save Baseline and Entire Project options are selected, and click OK.

Updating Project Progress

To Update Project Progress: Select Tools Update work as complete through list arrow and select the date through which you want to update the project. Click OK when you're finished.

Updating Task Actual Values

To Update Task Actual Values: Select the task you want to update and select Tools View Update Tasks button on the Tracking toolbar. Enter the task actual values in the dialog box, and click OK when you're finished.

Updating Task Completion Percentage

To Update Task Completion Percentage: Select the task you want to update, and then select Tools % Complete box and enter the completion percentage. Click OK when you're finished.

Updating Actual Work

To Update Actual Work: Select View Format Details Actual Work from the menu. Click the Act. Work field under the date you want to update. Make sure you select the Act. Work field for the task or resource you want to update. Enter the actual amount of work completed and press Enter.

Updating Actual Costs

To Turn Off Automatic Cost Updating: Select Tools Calculation tab. Uncheck the Actual costs are always updated by Microsoft Office Project checkbox, and click OK.

To Manually Update Actual Costs: Select View View Act. Cost field for the task or resource you want to update. Enter the actual cost and press Enter.


  1. Saving a baseline plan is an unimportant step in project management. (True or False?)

  2. Under which menu will you find Update Tasks?

    1. Edit

    2. Tools

    3. McDonalds

    4. Format

  3. When you update a task's completion percentage, a _______ appears in the task bar.

    1. black line

    2. dotted line

    3. split

    4. percentage number


  1. Start Microsoft Project 2003.

  2. Navigate to your practice files and open the Homework 9 project.

  3. Update task 5, "Build stand," with 30% completion.

  4. Give tasks #8, "Buy lemons," and #9, "Buy sugar," a new actual start date of January 30, 2003. Allow the scheduling conflict, since this will not actually change the start date of any other tasks.

  5. Check the project's statistics.

  6. View the project's critical path.

  7. Shut off the "Actual costs are always calculated by Microsoft Project" option in the Calculation tab of the Options dialog box. Open Task Usage view. Make the table a Tracking table. For task #5, "Build stand," give the Bill Gates resource an Actual Cost of $5.00.

  8. Close the Homework 9 file without saving your changes.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. Saving the baseline plan is very important because it allows you to track your project's progress.

  2. B. You will find Update Tasks under Tools Tracking.

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