Section 151. Pay the eBay Fees

151. Pay the eBay Fees


127 Determine Your Selling Price and Estimate Your Selling Fees


137 Review and Post Your Auction

The auction is overwell, not quite. You still have to pay your auction fees. Don't be tempted to skip payment; if you do, you'll be kicked off eBay. For information about the various fees, see 127 Determine Your Selling Price and Estimate Your Selling Fees .

Go to Your Seller Account Page

Go to your Seller Account page by clicking My eBay and then clicking the Accounts tab. You are shown the amount of money you owe to eBay for all your auctions combined (if you haven't paid your fees for them all).

View Account Status

Before paying eBay, make sure it hasn't made a mistake in figuring your selling fees. Click the View Account Status link, and fill out the form asking for the time period you want to view your seller account. Include the dates of your most recent auctions so you can check on them. Click the Submit button. You come to a page that summarizes your account activity and provides details on any outstanding fees you owe. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your auction fees.

Pay Your Selling Fees

You have four options by which to pay your eBay fees: PayPal, your checking account, your credit card, or a money order. Click the appropriate link in the Pay Your eBay Seller Fees area on the Accounts tab and follow the directions for paying.


When you pay using your checking account, you don't actually write a check. Instead, you fill in information about your checking account and money is automatically withdrawn from it. You pay by credit card by filling in information about the card. When you click the link to mail a check or money order, you are sent to a page with information about your auction, including how much is due. Print that page, detach the bottom portion, and send it in with your check or money order.

Make Sure That Your Payment Went Through

If you paid your fees using an instant payment method such as PayPal or your credit card, the payment should go through immediately and no outstanding balance should be owed to eBay. Go back to your My eBay Accounts page and make sure that the Pay Your eBay Seller Fees box is empty.

151. Pay the eBay Fees

Make Automatic Payments

Forgetting to make your eBay payments is easy, so you can set up your seller account so you pay eBay automatically every month by arranging for the site to take money from either your checking account or your credit card account. To sign up, click the Use a Checking Account for Automatic Payments or Use a Credit Card for Automatic Payments link on your My eBay Accounts page and fill in the forms. After you're done, if you want to check that automatic payment has been enabled or change the way you pay automatically, click the View/Update Automatic Payment Options link on your My eBay Accounts page.

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