83. Configure Gaim Instant Messenger

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Gaim is a multiplatform IM client. You need to have an IM account (or accounts) prior to configuring and using Gaim.

Open Gaim

From the NLD desktop, select Programs, Internet, Instant Messenger. The Gaim Login and Accounts window opens.

Open Add Account Dialog

In the Accounts window (which is empty), select the Add button. The Add Account dialog box opens.


If you have more than one IM account (on different platforms), you can add multiple accounts to the Gaim configuration.

Add Account Information

You can now add your IM account information. Select the Protocol drop-down list to select the IM protocol (AIM/ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo, and so on). Enter your screen name, password, and alias in the appropriate box. If you want to have Gaim remember the password select the Remember Password check box.


You can also configure Gaim to auto-login to your IM account when you start Gaim. Select the Auto-login check box when you configure the IM account. To keep your Gaim session open as you work on your desktop (without the Gaim window open), select the Preferences button in the Gaim window. In the Preferences dialog box, select Plugins and then select the System Tray icon. Select the Hide New Messages Until Tray Icon Is Clicked check box.

Save Account

After you have added your account information, select the Save button. You are returned to the Gaim Login and Accounts windows. If you do not need to enter any additional accounts, close the Accounts window.

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