The purpose of search engine optimization is to make finding your site easy for users who are interested in your topic areas. By tagging your pages with the phrases that best match the overall theme of your site, you can ensure that users will find your site when searching for content like yours. Choose popularbut not too popularphrases that best describe your site, and use them strategically within your pages. Studies have shown that a restrained approach works best with popular search engines like Google.

Here is a list of this chapter's highlights:

  • Target multi-word phrases unless your keywords are unique.

  • Gather external links on high-ranking sites like yours through tireless PR and compelling up-to-date content.

  • Use word stemming and proximity grouping to maximize hits and minimize words.

  • Find your optimum keywords through iteration, popularity, and WordTracker's KEI.

  • Write a keyword-rich title tag. Put the top keyphrase up front.

  • Use your optimum phrases in your title , h1 through h6 , metadescription , metakeywords , and body text, and link URLs, text, and title attributes.

  • Include your top keyphrase(s) in your domain name ideally , your optimum keyphrases would determine your domain name choice and top-level directory and filenames.

  • Minimize the head section for maximum relevance.

  • Use external JavaScript and CSS files to raise relevance.

  • Use meaningful alt attribute values ( alt="" , not alt="logo image" ).

  • Don't overdo it. Target one or two keyphrases that describe your site.

  • Practice spider-friendly designAvoid spider-stopping technology like ? and JavaScript in links, frames , and Flash.

  • Watch your keyword density or risk banishment.

Online Resources

Try these sites for more information:

  • Search engine positioning firm.

  • An SEO portal with many useful resources.

  • Web-based submission service.

  • The Search Engine Optimizer program checks web pages for optimum relevancy.

  • Danny Sullivan's search engine information portal.

  • SEO workshops and information from John Alexander and Robin Nobles.

  • Helps find similar words.

  • WebPosition Gold Software is the gold standard for SEP. It includes a suite of integrated modules designed to raise relevance, including page generation and critique, and submission.

  • Brainstorm keywords with this subscription-based service. Choose phrases with a high KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index).


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