In this chapter, I covered the most important advanced XML Schema concepts and showed you how to use them to build XML Schemas with XMLSPY. This chapter covered these topics:

  • Using namespaces for uniquely identifying and validating XML Schema components

  • Building composite XML Schemas consisting of externally defined XML Schema type definitions

  • Using different compositor models to define advanced element structures and relationships

  • Modularizing an XML Schema through the use of groups

  • Extending existing XML Schema components through the use of object-oriented XML Schema design techniques

  • Using XML in conjunction with relational databases and native XML repositories

This chapter wraps up the discussion of content models and validation carried through the past three chapters. It began with Document Type Validation and finished with the most advanced XML Schema concepts. In the next chapter, I begin a discussion on XML transformation, which includes a detailed discussion of the core XML technologies XSL and XSLT.

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